Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 Months Down, ?? to Go

Last week we passed the two month mark on the wait list.  Keeping track of the months has become somewhat futile though because the timeline is now so unpredictable.  For now though, we just wait and pray.

I know I have not been posting much.  It has been a rough several months for us, and I don't want to have a depressing blog.  My grandma passed away yesterday.  That's 3 parents/grandparents for us in 4 months.  I just feel kind of numb right now.  I just can't believe I won't be going to visit her again, and that I can't pick up the phone and hear the excitement in her voice when she realizes it's me on other end.  I won't hear my grandpa's stories anymore, or hear him volunteering my grandma to go pick up ice cream. :)  My kids won't get to know their grandpa either.  The oldest two will just have a few memories from the months he was sick.  I am just ready for this season to be over.  It has been too much at once. 

On a brighter note...yesterday was our anniversary.  We have been married 8 years!  We managed to get out for a date night thanks to some sweet friends that kept our kiddos for a few hours.