Wednesday, November 23, 2011

T-Shirt Fundraiser & We Got a Court Date!!!!!

I got a very exciting call this morning from our caseworker...we have a court date!!!!  December 27th...which means we will arrive in Ethiopia on Christmas Day!  We will meet our precious one on the 26th and appear in court on the 27th!  We are ecstatic!  

Things have moved so fast, and we still have some funds to raise.  (A little more than we thought...if you thought flying to Africa was expensive, try flying to Africa at Christmas.)

We have teamed up with Adoption Bug and Show Hope for our latest fundraiser.  We are selling several different super cute designs to help raise some of the remaining funds.  Just go to our family's page at, and order a shirt.  We decided to include several Show Hope shirts in our fundraiser because they have become an important part of our adoption journey through a very generous grant.

Here are just some of the T-shirt designs.  Please click on over to our site at Adoption Bug, place an order, and help us bring get to Ethiopia this Christmas!

Click here to see the rest of the designs!