Monday, September 27, 2010

Poor neglected blog...

Ok, I am quite aware that I am the world's lousiest blogger. But I am going to get better.

There is big news coming... I mean HUGE!  (At least huge for us, you may not think it is all that big...we will see.)

I will be making updates more frequently for your reading enjoyment. For now, I will leave you with a few picture of my now gigantic children (in comparison to the pictures that are currently on this blog.)

(These pictures are from Abbie's Dedication.)

Ethan and Caden (I know, not the best picture, but it is impossible to get both of them standing still at the same time!)

The whole family (plus my Dad)  I don't have a single one of the 5 of us with everyone looking the same direction and no one in mid sneeze.  This is the best you get.

Don't worry... I won't leave you up in the air for long with regards to what our news is.  I will start working on the post.  Check back soon!

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