Monday, April 11, 2011

Adoption Fundraiser - Buy a Cross, Support our Adoption

In case you are unaware, my mom is super talented when it comes to all things crafty.  (Apparently not a single crafty gene was passed on to me.)  My mom has recently taken up woodworking and is making some amazing stuff!  She has decided to design something specifically to be a fundraiser for our adoption!  (I think she is a little excited about getting another grandbaby.)
She is selling these crosses here on her Etsy site.  They are $10 each, and 100% of the money from these crosses goes directly to our adoption fund!!!  If you see something else you like, be sure to mention "Adoption" and 100% will still go to the adoption fund.  There is some other cool stuff on her site, including the tree she made me for my birthday.
Also, if you live near either my mom or me, you can buy a cross directly from either of us.  She gave me a stash of them to have on hand.  :)

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