Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doubly Awesome Day!

Today marks 5 years since I became a mommy...which means IT'S ETHAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!  I will have to post pictures of the occasion tomorrow since it is to early in the day.  (I still have presents to wrap and a cake to frost.)
Happy Birthday Ethan!!!!

In other incredibly exciting news...WE GOT OUR CIS APPROVAL TODAY!!!!!!  I have been eagerly checking the mail for the past five weeks waiting for it and wondering if it would even come.  The machine that took my fingerprints didn't like them, so I wasn't sure if I would have to go back to get re-fingerprinted, but apparently I don't have reject fingers!  
So, we have to go get the cover-page for the CIS approval notarized and tomorrow Jonathan is going to take it downtown himself to get it authenticated.  This will complete our dossier, and barring any unforeseen catastrophe, we should be on the waitlist by next week!!!!  

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  1. So excited for you guys! It's so much work and so much waiting, but so worth it...I promise! Congrats! And, Happy Birthday Ethan! Has it really been 5 years? Wow!