Friday, March 16, 2012


We are still waiting on our US Embassy clearance.  For those who may be interested in the timeline, our file was submitted to the Embassy on February 9, about 6 weeks after passing court.  It took two weeks before we heard anything back.  At that point, the Embassy requested an interview with a birth family member.  (These interviews are becoming the norm for all cases it seems.)  The soonest appointment date they had available was 3 weeks out.  So, Monday (March 19) that interview will take place.  We are hoping to wake up that morning to an email saying that our case is cleared...which means, if all goes as expected, we should be traveling in the next couple of weeks!
Please pray with us on Sunday night before you go to bed.  Pray that the interview goes smoothly and there are no discrepancies from what is already in our file.  I will hopefully be posting an update on Monday saying we are booking our plane tickets and packing our bags!!!


  1. Yeah!!! It is getting so close. Can't wait to hear the good news Monday! We will be praying that everything goes smoothly and that you get some sleep Sunday night!

  2. I am praying that Monday brings good news and you can go to Ethiopia very soon.