Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Week

As you may know, Jonathan's job situation has been kind of crazy for a little while. He has had the same job for 6 years, but over the last year or so, he has had some problems with his boss and him not communicating on the same wavelength. Lately we have been feeling a bit of unrest, like God was letting us know a change was coming. Last Wednesday afternoon, Jonathan was let go from his job. When he called me, I said "Cool!" (apparently not the response he was expecting) He planned to enjoy Thursday and Friday at home with the boys and start making phone calls Monday morning, however word seems to get around fast in that industry, and by Thursday morning he had received three calls for interviews. He got one offer on Thursday, and another on Friday morning which he took, so he was only jobless for about 40 hours. He officially started Monday, however he went ahead and visited some customers on Friday to let them know where he landed. The job is basically the same position, just for a different company. The pay is structured a little different which may be scary at first, but will be much better in the long run. The best part is, he only has to be in the office one morning a week! The rest of the time he works out of his truck and the house!!!! Also, his new boss said he wants working for him to be as hassle free as possible. Definitely a good thing given the past year. :-)
I have already enjoyed him being home more, although it is definitely an adjustment. I have to learn to just pretend he is not in the other room and get on with my day, or nothing may ever get done around here again! The week has definitely been interesting, and God is good. He takes care of us. He even had me prepared so that I could enjoy the job loss instead of freaking out (which would have been much more in character for me.)

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